How to Localise Videos Created in Adobe ‘After Effects’

At Voiceover.Cafe we get sent many request to re-version MP4 videos created in Adobe ‘After Effects’ projects into the majority of global languages.  Requests for adding subtitles,  localised voiceovers and often for both  subs and dubs.  So let’s consider the following options:


1. Adding just localised voiceovers to English text in an encoded video file.

This approach can be confusing for the audience as many users may not understand the English text, especially if  created for scientific or medical content. This approach should be avoided and only used as a low cost option where at all possible.. In addition, if the client cannot supply the original split assets including the English voiceover, music and effects tracks,  this option can often be unworkable or very expensive due to the language expansion or contraction of the adapted voiceovers after translations.  Cost would be in the region of £150.00 per minute for an average 3 minute video. Excluding translation.


2. Burning-in localised subtitles to English text in an encoded video file.

Adding a traditional translated subtitling approach at the bottom of the screen is again confusing for the audience, as the users are visually battling to interprate the correlation between the English on-screen text and the translated subtitles whilst listening to the English voiceover track.  In addition, very often the subtitles can overlap the English on-screen text and create a visual conflict which will break the concentration of the user. This is especially likely if there is a lot of on-screen text created in the lower 3rd of the screen. Cost would be in the region of £50.00 per minute for an average 3 minute video. Excluding translation.


3.  Adding both localised voiceovers and burning-in localised subtitles for an encoded video file with English text.

This is of course a better option to the 2 points above, but the user may predominantly be viewing the subtitles if unfamilar with the English on-screen text.  Cost would be in the region of £200.00 per minute for an average 3 minute video. Excluding translation.


4. So what is the correct solution for adapting videos created in After Effects?

We believe adapting both the original text and voiceover assets created in an After Effects project file is the correct and most effective solution which creates an adaption that is perfect for the intended audience. It is also not an expensive option with costs working out on average around £175.00 per minute for an average 3 minute video. Excluding translation.


5.  What is the correct workflow for adapting Videos encoded from After Effects projects.

Our trained adaption engineers need review the source AE project files and create a workflow based on the project assets to determine how the language and expansion during the translation stage can be addressed during the exporting of the audio visual assets for translation, the editing stages required to re-time the translated text and voiceovers in the AE project timeline and the final  QA stage prior to re-encoding each adaption.

Consideration for what fonts and character sets are to be used for each language also need to addressed, especially for the more complex languages such as the Indic regions, which After Effects cannot process correctly without the correct 3rd party plugins and final tweaking.

This workflow approach will ensure a perfectly adapted product, produced exactly to same production standards of the English master files, making your adaptions completely engaging for all global audiences. The only difference being the final duration of each encoded video which will in most cases expand between 10% – 25% in the timeline.


To request more information and costs for our ‘After Effects’ adaption services, please contact us by providing as much information about your project requirements on the form below. We will also need to review your project source files for final costs.