Featured Voiceover Artists

Featured Voice-over Artists on our website are selected for a variety of reasons: these include the winning of monthly awards, volume of business, the quality and expertise they bring to localisation projects and finally, the feedback from our clients’.

All of our Featured Artists work out of their own professional broadcast studios, are specialists in audio and dubbing recordings and can normally turnaround voiceover recordings for short form projects within 24 – 48 hours.

We are confident to recommend our Featured Artists to new clients, especially if a fast turnaround is required. You will not be disappointed!

English British - Male - Jo

A young classically trained actor with several RSC performances under his belt, Jo has over 7 years experience of working in the London voiceover scene, working for the majority of top Ad Agencies for brands including Baileys, BMW, BA, Michaelob Ultra, Gillette, Qatar Airways & Captain Morgan to name just a few.

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English British - Female - Alexia

Multi-award winning voiceover artist Alexia is well renowned for her young and vibrant, smooth and warm, velvety tones, coupled with an urban London accented voice, to suit a plethora of projects. Alexia goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality reads, working with worldwide clients which include: Baileys, Coca Cola, Twitter, Lidl, BMW, Adidas and Amazon, to name just a few.

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Romanian - Female - Ana

Based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Ana is a full-time voice talent with over ten years of experience as a radio host and TV presenter. Her voice has a bright warm clean timber.

Ann is highly dependable and works out of her own broadcast quality home studio.  Ana will fit perfectly with your company’s branding and public image to give your next voiceover project that unique edge that it needs to reach a Romanian audience.

Turnaround times are 4 - 8 hours and free script demos if required.

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English British - Male - Jack

Lending his enthusiastic and distinctive Northern accent to the likes of: Tesco, Wickes, NickToons, Virgin TV, Porsche, KFC and Tui along with well-known shows such as: Family Guy and American Dad.

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English British - Female - Emma

Highly dependable whilst presenting house styles, brand personality and specific tone of voice on request, Emma will fit perfectly with your company’s branding and public image to give your next voiceover project that unique edge that it needs.

Thanks to Emma’s grounding reputation within the media industry for delivering her reads perfectly, it’s not surprising that she has voiced for some of the UK’s top brands.

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English American - Male - Dan

Our English American male voice-over artist, Dan is not only a top US voice talent for TVCs and corporate reads, he is also a fantastic impersonator and has voiced impersonations of MICKEY MOUSE, HOMER SIMPSON, ELMO, GEORGE BUSH, BARACK OBAMA, JACK NICHOLSON, ETC for many broadcasting networks.


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Spanish - Male - Alfonso

Voiceover.Cafe are pleased to have our European Spanish male voice-over artist Alfonso onboard as a 'Featured Voiceover Artist' on our talent roster. Originally a  jounalist from Seville who specialised in TV and Radio, he trained with some of the best Spanish voiceover coaches in Madrid.  He now combines producing radio programmes with recording commercials, spots, corporate, audiobooks, and guides from his a professional studio.

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English British - Male - Andy

Andy is an award winning professional Voice Over Artist with a voice described as authoritative, natural and reassuringly confident, so it’s fair to say he speak words rather well.

"I love what I do, I’m good at it and this makes me happy, I’d love the chance to help you tell (or sell) your story…"

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American - Female - Gale

Our English American female voice-over artist, Gale is native New Yorker, holding a degree in acting from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. A consummate actress, with scores of credits from film and TV in both L.A. and N.Y.  Perfect for Trans-Atlantic reads, Gale will embody your message like nobody else.

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Arabic - Male - Tofic


Our Arabic voice-over talent Tofic, has a vast of experience in both radio and tv broadcasting from live game shows to news casting.  He also provides Arabic voice dubbing  services for TV series and is a great voice director.

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Hebrew - Male - Leon


Our Hebrew male voice-over artist Leon, is a highly experienced voice over actor and Hebrew TV presenter, with more than 20 years of working in the broadcast sector in Israel. He is also an experienced English > Hebrew & Russian media translator, which is very helpful when he reviews Hebrew scripts prior to recording!

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Spanish Latam Mexican - Male - Armando


Our male Spanish Latam voice-over artist Armando, is a Neutral Hispanic and Mexican Spanish voice talent with warm, relaxed yet authoritative tones.  He is also trained as a cultural adaptive translator from English > Latam Spanish.  This is a perfect background for a voice talent who always delivers perfect LATAM recordings that need to be on the money!

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Italian - Male - Paul

Our Italian male voice-over artist Paul, has a deep, warm and confident voice which is perfect for TV ads, corporate, promos and documentaries. He is also very popular for Italian dubbing and has featured in many Italian films.

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Japanese - Male - Coji

Coji our Japanese male voice-over artist, is one of the top-tier professional Japanese voices in Asia. His voice and production talents have since travelled the airwaves of NHK, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Channel 4 and FOX, earning him industry recognition for his achievements with numerous PROMAX & BDA Awards and accolades.

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English_Scottish - Female - Tani

Award winning Scottish actor and voiceover artist, recording corporate, commercial and character voiceovers from a broadcast quality home studio in Glasgow. Tani is also a continuity announcer at STV (Scottish Television) where I she can be heard most evenings introducing programmes such as Coronation Street or The X Factor.

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Spanish Latam Mexican - Female - Monica


Monica is another one of our top Latin American female voice-over artists.  She works out of Mexico City and records perfect reads first time, every time.  She is very popular with our clients for recording corporates to TVCs.

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Swahili - Female - Viva

Warm and deep for narrations, sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentations and other characters.

Viva can record in Swahili and English and works out of a pro studio in Nairobi. She is a TV and Radio presenter and always great fun to work with!

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Brazilian Portuguese - Male - Rodrigo

Our Brazilian Portuguese male voice-over artist, Rodrigo has a strong classical voice which is very articulate and dynamic.  Apart from  recording TV and Radio ads, he produces a lot of online distance training projects for Brazilian companies and is based in Sao Paulo.

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Italian - Female - Greta

Our Italian female voice-over artist Greta, is an award winning film and TV actress and one of the hardest working theatre actresses in Italy. She trains actors in voice diction and dubbing and has her own broadcast recording studio with a Neumann U87 Ai.

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Indian - Female - Adi (Hindi)

Adi is famous for her smooth, husky textured gravitas voice and is perfect for a Hindi audience. A trustworthy  sounding voice which has a soothing quality that connects with listeners instantly.

Thanks to her rich experience of working for Bollywood's top creative agencies, Adi can do a bubbly upbeat voice over just as easily as a deep sensuous read.

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Brazilian Portuguese - Female - Caron

Our Brazilian Portuguese female voice-over artist, Caron is versatile - from sexy to funny. Expertise on narration for documentaries, corporate presentations and recordings for telephony. Caron runs a dubbing studio in Brazil, is a top recording talent with a degree in advertising.  She is always responsive as both a recording talent and casting director.

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Spanish - Male - Anthonio

Voiceover.Cafe are pleased to have our European Spanish male voice-over artist Anthonio onboard as a 'Featured Voiceover Artist' on our talent roster. Anthonio is probably one of our most experienced broadcast Spanish male voiceover artist and his ability to take creative briefs and turn them into hypnotic recordings is quite remarkable.

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