Featured Voiceover Artists

Featured Artists on our website are selected for a variety of reasons: these include the winning of monthly awards for volume of business, the quality and expertise they bring to localisation projects and finally, our clients’ feedback.

All of our Featured Artists work out of their own professional broadcast studios, are specialists in audio and dubbing recordings and can normally turnaround voiceover recordings within 48 hours.

We are confident to recommend our Featured Artists to new clients, especially if a fast turnaround is required. You will not be disappointed.

English American - Male - Dan

Dan is famous for his 1 hour turnarounds! If you don’t believe it, just send us a script around 2.00pm GMT London time!

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English - Female - Libbie

Libbie has a warm, youthful and upbeat tone which resonates with her audience. Praised by our clients for her energetic and funky voice samples, Libbie is a top talent and perfect for your  next voiceover project.

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English American - Male - John

Versatile, passionate professional with a fast turnaround who’s easy to work with, our English American Male talent John can be heard across many worldwide platforms including: television, documentaries, films, explainer videos, animations, cartoons, video games and more!

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Spanish Latam Mexican - Male - Armando


Our male Spanish Latam voice-over artist Armando, is a Neutral Hispanic and Mexican Spanish voice talent with warm, relaxed yet authoritative tones. He started his vocalisation career studying for 6 years at the Yamaha Academy in Mexico and also has a degree in marketing from the University of Texas at El Paso.  He is also trained as a cultural adaptive translator from English > latam Spanish.  This is a perfect background for a voice talent who always delivers perfect LATAM recordings that need to be on the money!

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Italian - male - Paul

Our Italian male voice-over artist Paul, has a deep, warm and confident voice which is perfect for TV ads, corporate, promos and documentaries. He is also very popular for Italian dubbing and has featured in many Italian films.

Paul can normally turnaround projects within 48 hours from his own broadcast studio with Source Connect and ipDTL connectivity and is one of our most popular Italian artists

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Japanese - Male - Coji

Coji our Japanese male voice-over artist, is one of the top-tier professional Japanese voices in Asia. His voice and production talents have since travelled the airwaves of NHK, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Channel 4 and FOX, earning him industry recognition for his achievements with numerous PROMAX & BDA Awards and accolades.

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Japanese - Female - Fusako

Fusako is an award-winning Japanese female voice-over artist, actress and narrator based in LA. From straight narration to commercials, complex voice-acting, looping and Lip-sync dubbing, Fusako is reliable on any kind of VO project with her extremely wide range of experience. Her voice can be heard on various types of Japanese media such as TV, Radio and Feature films. She is also a top English to Japanese copywriter and also works for us on adapting TVCs and creative media translations.

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Swahili - Female - Viva

Warm and deep for narrations, sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentations and other characters.

Viva can record in Swahili and English and works out of a pro studio in Nairobi. She is a TV and Radio presenter and always great fun to work with!

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Brazilian Portuguese - Male - Rodrigo

Our Brazilian Portuguese male voice-over artist, Rodrigo has a strong classical voice which is very articulate and dynamic.  Apart from  recording TV and Radio ads, he produces a lot of online distance training projects for Brazilian companies and is based in Sao Paulo.

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German - Female - Daniela

Daniela is a multi-award-winning German female voiceover artist and narrator with 16 years of experience and her own ISDN, ipDTL and Source Connect enabled studio. Committed to recording your voiceover to your desired specification, style of read or format, Daniela will always provide a range of appropriate samples with a fast turnaround guaranteed. Whether you need lip synchronisation for cinema, TV spots or video game voiceovers, Daniela is versatile and suitable for a range of projects.

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Italian - Female - Greta

Our Italian female voice-over artist Greta, is an award winning film and TV actress and one of the hardest working theatre actresses in Italy. She trains actors in voice diction and dubbing and has her own broadcast recording studio with a Neumann U87 Ai. She teaches 'Use of Voice' at the Teatro Nuovo in Verona, now the National Theatre of the Veneto, for the Masterclass Acting.

If you need a top Italian female pro,  look no further!

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German - Female - Dorys

Dorys our German female voice-over artist is a German actress, dubbing talent, singer and voice over talent  based in Berlin. Her extensive TV experience and voiceover/dubbing career has made her a top favourite with our clients, due to her ability to voice and edit perfect recordings.

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Arabic - Male - Sherife


Our Arabic voice-over talent Sherife, has a Rich, Warm, Deep, Soothing and  Articulate Voice. He has over 10 years of experience in Radio & TV broadcasting from live game shows to news casting. Arabic voice dubbing for various Arabic territories, TV documentaries. VO for radio: ads, promos and jingles.

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Brazilian Portuguese - Female - Caron

Our Brazilian Portuguese female voice-over artist, Caron is versatile - from sexy to funny. Expertise on narration for documentaries, corporate presentations and recordings for telephony. Caron runs a dubbing studio in Brazil, is a top recording talent with a degree in advertising.  She is always responsive as both a recording talent and casting director.

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Spanish - Male - Anthonio

Voiceover.Cafe are pleased to have our European Spanish male voice-over artist Anthonio onboard as a 'Featured Voiceover Artist' on our talent roster. Anthonio is probably one of our most experienced broadcast Spanish male voiceover artist and his ability to take creative briefs and turn them into hypnotic recordings is quite remarkable.

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English British - Female - Juliet

Warm, velvety, captivating, professional and versatile – Juliet has nearly twenty years experience working as an actress in the West End. Her voice work covers a broad range from BBC Radio Drama (inc.”The Afternoon Play”, “Short Story”and lots of Radio Dramas, playing RP, Northern, Scottish and Australian characters, to corporate, IVR, kids and animals!
Juliet is the current voice for all of TalkTalk’s on hold stuff and Hilton Hotels. Juliet thrives on variety and can produce any type of accent if creatively briefed!

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Chinese Mandarin - Male - Song Libo

Our Chinese Mandarin voice-over artist Song Libo is one of our most popular talents for recording  Commercials and eLearning projects as he has a very clear and articulate voice. Turnaround times are normally 48 hours from receipt of approved scripts.

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German - Male - Bernie

After 30 years of living and working in the USA,  our German voice-over artist Bernie now lives on the Spanish island of Mallorca with his Neumann TLM 103 now hanging in a StudioBricks sound booth near the Northern beach of this beautiful island. His voice can help you sell your products or services, inform your clients about new products or help train your employees.

If you’re looking for a voice to enhance your company’s communication in both German and International English, look no further.

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French European - Male - Charles

Voiceover.Cafe are pleased to have our French male voice-over artist Charles onboard as a 'Featured Voiceover Artist' on our 2019 roster.

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