Welsh Male & Female Voiceover Samples

We have a large selection of Welsh male and female voice-over artists for recording  TVCs, online commercials and corporate voice-over projects. Listed below are some of our most popular Welsh voice over artists.

If you cannot find the right voice for your project on the list below, please use the ‘Contact us’ form at the bottom of this page to request more project specific casting options.

Welsh - Male - Geraint

Geraint is a trained Welsh actor and will bring your script to life. As an experienced radio producer, he will also provide you with top quality audio production. He is also super friendly and loves a chat! So what are you waiting for...? Get in touch! Cysylltwch!

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Welsh - Female - Noni

Noni is a highly experienced native Welsh and English speaking voice actor with a professional home studio. Her natural voice is often described as having a mellifluous* Welsh lilt, but also records regularly in a neutral British accent or a wide range of other accents that a character may require! Dwi hefyd yn recordio llawer o brosiectau yn y Gymraeg.

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Welsh - Male - Tom

Tom is an actor and voiceover artist who has been working in the industry for over 20 years.  Trained at Rose Bruford, London, Tom works in theatre, television, film and voiceover.  Having been brought up in both London and Wales, Tom is able to deliver voiceover in English and Welsh language, in either accent. Tom's work is particularly popular with clients who need a bilingual voice for projects with a quick turnaround.  Alongside his commercial and corporate work, Tom is an audiobook narrator and has narrated over 20 titles to date.

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Welsh – Female - Hannah

Hannah has a conversational, bubbly, friendly, authentic voice that is easy listening, trusting and engaging. She has soft, South West Wales accent naturally and RP neutral tone to her voice, but she also works within other accents such as Transatlantic, American and various regional UK accents. Hannah is bilingual in Welsh and English.

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Welsh - Male - Tony


Tony is dubbed as the man with the ‘Rolls-Royce Voice’ and the ‘King of Crossover’, his background in the legitimate theatre, with successes in London’s West End and international opera, adds a sense of drama to his vocal performance, which transcends that which is merely vocal and it's easy to see why he’s been described as South Wales’ answer to Bryn Terfel.

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Welsh - Female - Manon

Manon is an experienced writer, actress and presenter based in South Wales. She has worked throughout Wales and beyond, initially specialising in theatre for young people and community audiences in both Welsh and English, but also appearing in, and scripting, many main stage productions as well as TV plays, series and several films in both Welsh and English. Her translations into Welsh from English and French for the stage have also won her critical acclaim.

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Welsh - Male - Ed

Edward is an experienced English / Welsh Speaking voiceover artist with over 10 years experience in the industry having completed voiceovers for Brita Water, Discover Delicious Wales, Bluestone National Park Resort & DWP among many. Edward has also had the opportunity to work with Aardman Animation, Global Radio, Red River Creative, Telesgop Productions, Rockadove and Storm & Shelter.     

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