Brazilian Portuguese Male & Female Voiceover Artists & Talent Agency

We have a large selection of Brazilian Portuguese male and female voiceover talents for recording TVCs, online commercials and corporate voiceover projects. listed below are some of our most popular artists.

If you cannot find the right voice for your project on the list below, please use the ‘Contact us’ form at the bottom of this page to request more project specific casting options.

Brazilian Portuguese - Male - Rodrigo

Rodrigo has a strong classical voice which is very articulate and dynamic.  Apart from  recording TV and Radio ads, he produces a lot of online distance training projects for Brazilian companies and is based in Sao Paulo.

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Brazilian Portuguese - Male - Moses

Moses is a versatile voice talent, that can go beyond your expectations, for all types of projects; He has been a revelation for several clients in Brazil, and around the world.
Moses is one of our youngest Brazilian male talents and is perfect for a youthful urban read which needs gravitas and attitude!

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Brazilian Portuguese - Male - Lucianno

Authentic, versatile, friendly, warm and strong. If you are looking for a flexible voice and with different shades of interpretation, then the voice of Lucianno is all you need for your productions.
Voice Over and Audio Producer with over 17 years of experience, always innovating and following the market changes, using innovative vocal techniques and maximum creativity in the production of your audio.

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Brazilian Portuguese - Male - Fernando


Another one of our big hitters, Fernando's voice talent inspires confidence, conveys intelligence and ultimately drives customers to your brand or target audience.  He is a very reliable Brazilian voice talent with a soft and articulate tone, giving credibility and authenticity to every script he reads. He has produced 100's of VO's for some of the worlds top brands and corporate companies.

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Brazilian Portuguese - Male - Pio

Pio was one of our first 'Featured Voiceover Artist' on our roster, very reliable and friendly with a very natural bass voice. His delivery is likeable, friendly and happy.  Perfect for narrations, assertive and confident for presentations, soft and happy for advertising, captivating and easy for IVR.

Pio has the versatility to speak many European languages if required , including French, Spanish, Italian and German, as well as English with a Brazilian accent.

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Brazilian Portuguese - Female - Maira

Maira has warm and deep voice for narrations, and E-learnings, sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentations, singer (popular and opera), composer . Speaking Brazilian Portuguese (native) as first language and English with a LATIN accent as a second language.
An alto versatile voice that can be deep and powerful for trailers and promos; young, hip, fun, and warm for commercials; clear and authoritative for corporate industrials; real and friendly for training videos.

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Brazilian Portuguese - Female - Caron

Classical and smooth voice. Versatile - from sexy to funny. Expertise on narration for documentaries, corporate presentations and recordings for telephony. Caron runs a dubbing studio in Brazil, is a top recording talent with a degree in advertising.  She is always responsive as both a recording talent and casting director.

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Brazilian Portuguese - Female - Leticia

Leticia is an Actress,  TV Presenter and VO talent for the past 20 years. Her smooth and friendly tones are warm and involved for narrations, professional and assertive for presentations, soft and nice for singing, captivating and enchanting for children, versatile actress to perform many different characters and caricatural voices, cute, funny, sexy, stylish, enthusiastic, silly, etc

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Brazilian Portuguese - Female - Nadia

Nadia is a true professional, reliable and friendly with a very natural and soft sounding tones. Nadia's delivery is Warm and involved for narrations, assertive and confident for presentations, soft and happy for advertising, captivating and enchanting for children. Since 2005, Nadia has recorded various for brands in Brazil, producing national and international video and audio recordings.

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Brazilian Portuguese - Female - Drita

Warm and Friendly, Serious, Professional, Funny, Upbeat, Positive, Excited, Sexy, Smooth, Deep and Strong.  You have a name for it and Drita has a voice for it!

Drita is also a trilingual talent based in the US, yet brought up in Brazil.  Her English and Spanish recordings all sound 100% native which is very rare for a VO talent.  She is also very responsive and a pleasure to work with.

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