Voice over workflows

Multilingual voiceover workflows for unsupervised recordings

  1. Voiceover.Café receive all the required files from client – English script and/or reference video
  2. QA – Review all files to ensure no delays during translation and/or voiceover recording
  3. If a video is received with no script we will need to arrange for a text based transcription and translation service if required
  4. Expert AV Translators will translate and localise the scripts bearing in mind language expansion and contraction during the translation process
  5. Translated text is sent to an independent AVT mode proof reader for review
  6. Both linguists undertake a reconciliation to ensure quality of translation
  7. QA – Project Manager review of the final translation
  8. Script sent to client for approval and sign-off as part of the client review process
  9. Any amendments from client review are reconciled by translator
  10. Voiceover artist records script according to clients’ instructions, audio format, pronunciation guides plus voice descriptors for tone and style
  11. QA – Completed audio recordings reviewed by our Project Managers
  12. Completed audio recordings sent to client for sign-off
  13. Voiceover.Café will re-record any faults on the VO if it is as a result of sound quality or the Voiceover artists has miss-read the scripts or instructions.
  14. Voiceover.Café will need to charge the client a nominal fee for all re-recordings or parts of the recording if the clients instructions or scripts are amended


The Voice over workflow for supervised recordings

  1. The majority of our multilingual artists have Source Connect, ipDTL, ISDN or Skype connectivity
  2. Please advise us if you need to supervise your recording sessions remotely
  3. Workflows will be set up as required with agreed schedules for international timezones
  4. Voiceover.Café have a worldwide network of accredited studios and specialist multilingual  VO Directors when required.


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