‘AI Script to Speech’ Voiceover Service

Computer generated speech has come a long way in recent years, gone are the days of the awkward voice synthesisers of yesteryear, artificial voices are now generated by very powerful computers, driven by complex artificial intelligence (AI) engines.

Voiceover.Cafe can provide a high quality ‘AI Script to Speech’ service with a fast 24 hour turnaround.

Our ‘AI Script to Speech’ is a fast and low cost solution for audio and video editors who need a guide track in one or more languages.

This service also provides a useful timeline reference when producing multilingual projects, as video scripts will expand or contract during the translation process, especially if English is the source language.

Timeline decisions often need to be made early on in the editing process as making script changes at the latter stages in the project can be costly. Getting the script and timeline right at the start of the project can translate into massive cost savings later when booking and recording the final voiceover recordings with our professional artists.

The screenshot below illustrates how a German voiceover will expand up to 35% in the project timeline compared to the English version, making editing decisions quite challenging when timing the visual sequences.

Multilanguage Avid Timeline

We currently provide this service in 20 of the most popular languages including:  English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Welsh.


So what does a ‘AI Script to Speech’ recording sound like?

That’s easy to answer. Why don’t you hit the play button below!

It’s a recording of the full text on this page.


So, how do I order a ‘AI Script to Speech’ guide track?

It’s simple, you send us your script with your voice descriptors and request a male or female artist, then select the language required and provide a pronunciation guide for any acronyms or brand names.

We will send you the voiceover within 24 hours, recorded to your exact instructions. You can have any audio format required including a 16 bit 48 K waveform, MP3’s or IVR encoded files for telephony systems.

If your requirement is urgent and you contact us during normal office hours we may be able to turn your script around in as little as one hour!


What applications can you use the ‘AI Script to Speech’ service for?

‘AI Script to Speech’ recordings are perfect for guide tracks and for the research and development stages of TV commercials, corporate video, gaming development, eLearning platforms, applications to assist the visually impaired and the new Artificial Intelligence technologies supporting the “Internet of Things” applications.


What do I use the ‘AI Script to Speech’ service for?

As a bilingual broadcast editor, often the starting point for assembling my 1st cut story is to lay down my narration and dialogue tracks to not only get a feel for my film but also to work out if the script works. I always get someone to record a guide track for me which takes time to arrange, especially if the talent, sound engineer or kit is not immediately available. A few days later my script will often change, my dialogue tracks will shorten or lengthen and I will need a new dialogue track recorded to get sequences to link together more seamlessly.  Our ‘AI Script to Speech’ service is a perfect low cost and fast solution for this problem.


How much does a ‘AI Script to Speech’ cost?

We offer this service at £25.00 for recording the 1st minute followed by £5.00 for each additional minute, inclusive of recording to your instructions and a final quality check before delivery.


What could you use the ‘AI Script to Speech’ service for?

We would be interested to hear your feedback!


How do I order my first Voiceover Cafe ‘AI Script to Speech’ service?

Just fill out the contact details below and send us your script.