Free Translation & Script Adaption Service On All Multilingual TVCs During April

With the growth in demand for international brands to reach a global audience, Voiceover.Cafe provides a competitive video re-versioning service to add foreign language voiceovers to and from the most popular language sets.

Our prices start at just £479.00 for re-versioning short form  TVC’s and Cinema spots. This service includes transcription, localisation/translation, proof reading, voice casting, voice director and  voiceover artist.

This service includes the following languages:

British English + US – European Spanish + Latin American – Greek – Chinese – Arabic – Italian – German – Dutch – French – Brazilian Portuguese – Bulgarian – Danish – Russian.

We normally supply a casting list and quotation for 3 male or female talents who are carefully selected to match our client’s creative brief within 3 days of the request.

If audio or video editing is required, our in-house editors use Protools and Avid Symphony workstations and can work with most popular file formats.

Usage which is dependent on duration and territories, is highly competitive and is negotiated on a per project requirement for Online, TV and VOD etc.


Our workflows are simple and robust and are normally completed in 7 working days:

< You send us your quote request with a creative brief and low-res source language video file

> We send you a casting list and demos with associated costs for 3 male or female talents, more if required

< You send us a PO for the selected talent and the source language script for translation.

> We send you the localised script for sign off

< You send us script approval plus all project assets to include the video and split audio files

> We record the VO’s and send you 3 x dry VO’s,  VO mix and timed adaption VO if required

< You sign off or request any amends as required by your creative media team prior to completion of project


Voiceover.Cafe have signed NDA’s with all our: linguists,  proof readers,  copywriters,  voice talents, project managers and external studio managers to ensure project confidentiality at all times.

As always, our priority is to ensure our clients’ brands, content and key messages are localised accurately, respecting cultural nuances and ensuring a positive reaction by the target audience.


To request a quote, please contact us using the form below.