Arabic Male & Female Voiceover Artists & Talent Agency

We have a large selection of Arabic male and female voice-over artists for recording  TVCs, online commercials and corporate voice-over projects. Listed below are some of our most popular Arabic voice over artists.

If you cannot find the right voice for your project on the list below, please use the ‘Contact us’ form at the bottom of this page to request more project specific casting options.

Arabic - Male - Tofic


Our Arabic voice-over talent Tofic, has a vast of experience in both radio and tv broadcasting from live game shows to news casting.  He also provides Arabic voice dubbing  services for TV series and is a great voice director.

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Arabic - Male - Mohamed

Our Arabic voice-over talent Mohamed, can offer deep, warm, confident, powerful and inspiring samples, offering a dynamic approach which are ideal for projects that need a young adult male Arabic voiceover. Showcasing his talent, Mohamed has worked with a selection of renowned Arabic based brands, allowing him to adapt to your project’s needs with fast turnarounds.

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Arabic - Male - Sherife


Our Arabic voice-over talent Sherife, has a Rich, Warm, Deep, Soothing and  Articulate Voice. He has over 10 years of experience in Radio & TV broadcasting from live game shows to news casting. Arabic voice dubbing for various Arabic territories, TV documentaries. VO for radio: ads, promos and jingles.

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Arabic - Male - Nassim

Our Arabic voice-over talent Nassim, has a voice which  is powerful, authoritative, deep, warm and informative.  Having voiced more than 1000 commercials and documentaries in the last 16 years, he has perfect Arabic pronunciation which will be free from grammatical mistakes!

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Arabic - Male - Islam

Our Arabic male voice-over talent Islam, has over ten years of experience in many types of voice recording like IVR, Animation, Narration, E-Learning, Education, Audio Books and Commercials. Islam works out of his home studio professionally equipped studio, 24/7 and  can give you perfect audio quality .

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Arabic - Male - Haned


Our Arabic voice-talent Haned, is based in Saudi Arabia and also records with an Eastern Saudi accent if required. He has worked with many of our global clients and is also a very good linguist  from Arabic > English, often offering alternative takes to scripts that have not been translated correctly for voiceover projects.

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Arabic - Female - Jihan


Our Arabic female voice-over artist Jihan, is on of most popular talents for not only Classical Arabic reads, but also provides Lebanese, Syrian accents.  Jihan works out of a top broadcast studio in Dubai and can turnaround projects in 24-48 hours.  She is also very popular with our NGOs for eLearning and Arabic online training projects.

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Arabic - Female - Maya

Our Arabic female voice-over talent Maya, has warm, smooth, silky, young, seductive, professional, best friend, smile, and versatile character tones. Beirut-based talent Maya, provides a dynamic range of character voices, a friendly narration voice and a trustworthy and warm commercial voice. Her writing, singing and acting experience has helped bring her strengths as a Voice Over actress to the forefront of each project.

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Arabic - Female - Mona B

Our Arabic female voice-over artist Mona B,  has a clear and gentle voice with deep and warm tones for  documentaries, E-learning and business presentations. A very sexy and attractive voice for corporates,  commercials and TV Spots.

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Arabic - Female - Aisa

Our Arabic female voice-over artist Aisa, has a warm and confident voice which is perfect e-Learning, corporate, promos and documentaries. She is also very popular for Arabic dubbing and has featured in many Arabic TVCs as an actress and singer.  Aisa can normally turnaround projects within 48 hours and is one of our most popular female Arabic talents.

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Arabic - Female - Mona

Our Arabic female voice-over artist Mona, is a  confident, versatile and a professional voice talent for documentaries, IVR, E-learning and business presentations.  Mona who is based in Alexandria, has a deep and warm voice and is great  for web videos and explainers.

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To get an immediate quote for any of our  Arabic voiceover services, please contact us by providing as much information about your project requirements including your chosen artists on the form below.