Italian Male & Female Voice Over Artists & Talent Agency

We have a large selection of Italian male and female voice-over artists for recording Italian  TVCs, online commercials and corporate voice-over projects. Listed below are some of our most popular voice artists.

If you cannot find the right voice for your project on the list below, please use the ‘Contact us’ form at the bottom of this page to request more project specific casting options.

Italian - Male - Paul

Our Italian male voice-over artist Paul, has a deep, warm and confident voice which is perfect for TV ads, corporate, promos and documentaries. He is also very popular for Italian dubbing and has featured in many Italian films.

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Italian - Male - Max

Our Italian male voice-over artist Max, can offer a warm, smooth and mellow sounding Italian VO which is the perfect accompaniment to many corporate or broadcast projects. Adaptable to your desired creative needs, Max will always deliver a polished read, adding extra depth and character to your script.

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Italian - Male - Jan


Jan is a top Italian male voice-over artist who has voiced for all major international brands.  His reads are always perfect and 'right first time'.

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Italian - Male - Rob

Our Italian male voice-over artist Rob, has a wide range of smooth and flexible tones which provide very warm and entertaining vocals. His interpretation of creative briefs and instruction for new adaptions are perfect for Italian TVC ads and documentaries. He can normally turnaround projects within 48 hours from his own broadcast studio with Source Connect connectivity and is one of our most popular Italian artists.

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Italian - Female - Valentina

To get an immediate quote for Valentina, please contact us on the form below providing project details and duration of the voiceover.

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Italian - Female - Greta

Our Italian female voice-over artist Greta, is an award winning film and TV actress and one of the hardest working theatre actresses in Italy. She trains actors in voice diction and dubbing and has her own broadcast recording studio with a Neumann U87 Ai.

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Italian - Female - Roberta



Roberta is another one of our big hitters when it comes to TV commercials that need the skills and training of a top Italian actress to bring the content to life.

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To get an immediate quote for any of our voice over services, please contact us by providing as much information about your project requirements on the form below.