Voiceover.Cafe Introduction

girl_headphoesn_graphics_look_haircut_3902_1920x1080---with-cost-and-urlWith the  growth in demand by our clients to ensure their source language video communications can reach a maximum global audience, Voiceover.Cafe now provide a video translation service into 40 of the worlds most popular languages.

Our prices start at just £180.00 for a 3 minute voiceover .  We also provide a complete video localisation service starting  at £325.00 for voicing a 5 minute video into a foreign language. This service includes transcription, translation with proof reading, client review and approval, voiceover recording, audio and video editing.

A subtitle only solution starts at just £150.00 for 5 minutes.

If you are not sure about what is the best translation solution for your video project,  ie,  voiceover or subtitling,  send us a low-res copy of your video and our media producers will advise accordingly and provide a free and instant quote.